Monday, June 27, 2016

Stay determined: Don't Ever Quit

One of the biggest problems I find when doing business is so many people give up on a business after 30-90 days.  If you don't have experience in sales and you give up,  you could be giving up at the worst possible time, because a few days later you may have two or three or more people looking for what you are providing.  If you give up,  then you are passing on potential customers, and you are giving up on trying to better your financial life.   I understand that you may get discouraged and even feel some doubt and even slightly negative,  but like telling a two year old child who touches stuff they aren't suppose to, you have to stop and tell yourself no,  I will not quit, no matter what my family or friends tell me.   I have learn from trial and error over years, is to not listen to people who don't believe in what I'm wanting to do which is build a business. I have also learn that when you want to get more money, you don't listen to others who think brokeminded.   Sometimes you will feel frustrated when you start doing a business whether it be in a building, or online.  

The worst thing you can ever do is quit.   Sometimes your friends or family are your worst enemy. They may say things like well you've been at this for two months and you have't  made a sale you might as well quit.  I say hogwash,  sometimes it takes months to even a year for some people to make their first sale.  Just like in asking someone out on a date, you will experience rejection.  Not everyone is going to see that Motor Club Of America, the company I'm involved in is a low risk high reward business.   Some people can hit the ball out of the park after a few times at bat, and other it make take half a season.  If I gave up everytime someone told me to quit, I  might as well go back to my old ways of negative thinking, and be around those who are negative, which of course I don't at all, because I've found that listening to others who tell me I can't do it, makes me even more determined and motivated to keep on going, and don't ever quit, doing an online business that isn't a scam even though many negative people give up too soon, and labeled it that way.   Some people won't like what I'm about to say, but brokeminded people who want to remain broke for the next 40 years, living paycheck to paycheck are the ones, who will tell you that everything is a scam, rather than try a business for one to two years, and learn trial and error of marketing.   

When  I lived in the job is the only way mentality to make money,  I hated marketing.  It wasn't until 2007 when I worked for Wal-Mart that I decided to say, there has to be more to this life than coming to work five days a week eight or more hours a day, and live paycheck to paycheck.  So I started looking at home based businesses.  With any business it will cost a little bit to start up.  I prefer not to call Motor Club Of America a job, because a job doesn't require money to start up, a business which is what MCA ( Motor Club Of America) is does, but it's not expensive.  I will tell you more about that in later blog posts.   Thank you for reading this post and send me your comments. 

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